Getting the Ball Rolling

Please forgive the cheezy title. 

This will just be a post about how this game came to be and my history with Unity.

Starting Unity

I've played video games most of my life. Some of my favorites are Bloodborne, Final Fantasy X, and MHW just to name a few. I'd say around the start of 2018, I wondered if I could make a game on my own. I'm a horrible procrastinator, so when I did start using Unity, it was hard to find motivation to even do the tutorials. Eventually, I got around to completing the Roll A Ball tutorial and was glad I did. After that, I looked into completing more tutorials on YouTube.

My First Game

As with anyone starting Unity, I found Brackey's channel and followed his "How to make a Video Game" playlist. I completed it and considered it my first "real" game, despite the fact that I didn't do anything myself other than moving the obstacles around. Then I discovered Jimmy Vegas's channel. His tutorials were geared more toward what I actually wanted to do as a beginner in Unity. Create FPS games and design a single-player style kind of game. I learned a lot from him and actually got me motivated to learn more. Learning from these channels gave me a good start to making my own content.

Creating Projects

I wanted to make something on my own, using what I've learned from all the videos I've watched. The Roll A Ball tutorial gave me a good foundation to work off from. It was simple, but could be as complex as you want it to become. I implemented some new features and designed more levels to play on. I googled a lot of questions and the Unity community was very helpful. I made about 6 levels which took me quite some time to make. After that, I couldn't find any motivation to make any more. So I took a long break from this project. I worked on multiple other projects in the meantime. They were the kind of games I wanted to make, but all were too ambitious to actually complete. The Roll A Ball project was always on the back of my mind, but I'd rather complete a game I was more into. During summer of 2019, I've decided that I needed to complete a project before I take on bigger ones.

Completing Roll A Ball

I told myself that I needed to get this game done. If I can't finish this project, what makes me think I could complete bigger ones? My goal was to make sure I was happy with every level I make. It was somewhat easy at first, but as I've used up more and more ideas, my imagination was running out. There are levels that I left in just because I needed to have more levels. My original goal was to create 100 levels (lol), then went down to 30, which finally went to 25. After making my goal way more attainable, I actually got a boost of motivation to reach it. This, along with implementing some new mechanics half way through the game, made the game way easier to make. 

Final Thoughts

This game took me way longer than it needed to. I've been working on it for over a year on and off. I'd say the actual amount of time it took is about a month or so. However, I've learned a lot over that course of time. The unfinished projects that I was working on gave me a lot of experience that I then used back into this project when I came back to it. The whole process of creating this game, from the actual creation of it, to now uploading it on, is a great learning experience. I plan on creating more soon, so we'll see if I can make one sooner than this one took to make. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the game!

Get Roll A Ball

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