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Collect all the cubes and complete every level!

Roll A Ball is a 25 course game, each with various obstacles to overcome. Avoid all danger and collect every cube to complete the level. 


Roll A Ball.zip 42 MB

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Hey Cody, this is Codey!  Out of curiosity, what platform did you use to build this game?  Did you use Unity?

Great name lol! Yes, this was made with Unity

I love how you scoped the initial beginner "Roll a Ball" tutorial into a full game!  I still remember my first time going through that Roll-a-ball tutorial, myself.  So long ago :P

Thanks! Yeah I feel like that specific tutorial is basically the first tutorial that every Unity user goes through when they start. I wonder if they'll ever make a 2020 version of it or something someday lol

No kidding!  At this point it's probably so outdated...

How do i open the download ?

Extract the folder anywhere you like. Inside the folder, double click on Roll A Ball.exe. If a window pops up saying it doesn't recognize the app, click on More info and then Run Anyway.