A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You've fallen asleep. 

 Last night you had a horrible dream. 

 Maybe this time it will be okay.

Install instructions

  • Extract the "Another Nightmare" folder anywhere you like.
  • Run the Another Nightmare.exe
  • If a window pops up saying it doesn't recognize the app, click on More info and then Run Anyway.


Another Nightmare.zip 202 MB

Development log


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Man, just thanks for good game! Its very  kind for me that this game is free to play!


Thanks man! Making this game not free would be the true nightmare lol!

very much enjoyed

Glad to hear that!

this game is definitely not the best but its decent for being made by such a small developer the models and jumpscares need some work and the monsters are not great texture wise but there's potential here the lighting through the windows is nice and the story was pretty simple and the twist was easy to guess but it felt pretty good to play and I feel like with enough support this developer could make some cool stuff if you want to see the video i made on this here it is 

if you checked it out I appreciate you and consider subscribing it really helps my channel grow 

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you liked that lighting since I actually made lighting a specific focus I wanted to work on for this game. Just don't mind the weird lighting on the doors that I couldn't figure out lol

This game is decent at best. The jumpscares are weak and the atmosphere isn't enough to build them up quite right. Also, the cutscenes take way too long for a game this short. This might have just been me, but the game crashed after the woods part. I hope this criticism helps, because I see potential in this game. Despite my gripes, I did include it in this video of mine; it's the last game, at about 6:40.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I'm definitely gonna put more of a focus on atmosphere moving forward. That's also the first I've seen a crash at that part and I have no idea why that is so I'm just hoping it was something random lol. I do have an idea based off how it happened in your video but I can't say for sure.  



Good experience!

Thanks for checking it out!

Thank you for the fun time and the work put into the game. Can't wait to see more in the future!

Thank you!

Well made game! Nice looking too .  My game play on it  is part two marked on time stamp. 

Thanks for checking it out!

hello Cody Larkin, i just saw your game, i was amaze. and the thing is did you any social media that i can contact you? i need some help

Thank you! I can try to help through discord if you still need it.

sure.. my discord is syasya shirah#1728

just sent an invite, my username is Reed#3004

Was very interesting 

Thanks for checking it out!

I enjoyed the game. Thank you Dev.

Glad to hear that! Thanks for checking it out!


Thanks for checking it out!

No problem

This game is a ton of fun! I've noticed a few different things on different runs. If you're reading this you should play it!

Glad to hear! Thanks for checking it out!

the game was ok not alot of scaries the only jumpscare that actually almost got me was at the very end of the game other than that it was mostly just a simple walking sim type game tbh

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I pretty much agree. Whatever I make next will probably still be kinda walking sim typish, but I'm hoping to at least improve the scariness overall, which is taking longer than I thought lol


hahah its no worries brother I have played many many horror games and  I can say one of the things that creeps me out the most is the ambience and make sure not to revel your enemies or scares to early on its good to build them up and avoid using to many jump scares cuz that just gets annoying as a player or content creator after awhile I hope this helps with your work in the future 

Short but sweet! Fund it via:

Thanks for checking it out!


It definitely does lol! Thanks for checking it out!

Fun and scary


Glad to hear! Thanks for checking it out!

I've decided that I'm truly immune to being scared in games now! Jumpscares? No longer a problem!

Good to hear that lol! Thanks for checking it out!

So cool

Thanks :)

Good to hear! Thanks for checking it out!

I really enjoyed the game, Very spooky, mild jump scares in good places, and great atmosphere! Great Job!

Glad to hear that! Thanks for checking it out!

Naja es war halt ein Spiel

Thanks for checking it out!

I think I had a dream like this (last game played)

There's a fair chance lol. Thanks for checking it out!

I absolutely loved this. Easily in my top 5 best itch games. Your scares were in all the right places. Please make more of this. ^_^

Glad to hear that! Thanks for checking it out!

Good job

Thank you!

Thanks for the game! I like it! Support me with subscribing my channel!

Glad to hear! Thanks for checking it out!

Gave it a go...

Thanks for checking it out!

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Very creepy great work on this game. I got a copyright claim on your game with the ending music from something called bound by blood.

I see. I was just hoping the song wouldn't cause any claims but thanks for letting me know it did. I'll definitely keep that in mind for the future. Thanks for checking it out!

Ok thanks for getting back to me.

I had fun playing this game :) it was the toilet part for me xD

Good to hear that lol! Thanks for checking it out!

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 Very cool concept. The jump scares are kind of old but it's a fun short game. I liked it. 

Youtube Video


Glad to hear! Thanks for checking it out!

No problem. Keep making good games! If there is anything new I will check it out.

Pros and cons are down below) Check out the game here (the 2d game is the there):


1. The game has lots of scares and I love that some of them can actually be missed out (makes the player investigate the place meticulously). 

2. The ending is cool! I love that there is something more to the game than going from one jumpscare to another!


1. Well, jumpscares are powerful but cheap. I think it would be cool to see the game building tension and suspense! Moreover, loud sounds is not the only tool, the scare with a guy sitting at the table near the note was the most powerful of them all (but sadly my vid lagged right at that moment). I wish to see more subtle scares like that one!

2. The girl standing in the woods - creepy but awkward. It's awkward that you can come to her and run around a couple of times. Very strange. It'd be cooler if she'd move or would not allow the player to come closer.


The game is fun! Personally, I just don't like jumpscares that's why I whine a lot about it ahah. But the game is scary, so it does its job) Yet, for me it's 4/5 because there is still room for improvement.

Hope my feedback was useful!


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I pretty much agree. I'm not a fan of jumpscares either, so it's good to hear that the less obvious scares were more impactful. Definitely gonna try a more suspenseful atmosphere in the future!

I can't wait! Will definitely check out your future projects!

Thanks so much for making this game Cody! It was kind of simple, but well done. I especially loved the ending and might have saw that coming, but still surprised me. I guess we all some strange nightmares sometimes. 

Glad to hear! Thanks for checking it out!


MINI REVIEW: Takes roughly 5 - 10 Minutes to complete. Has a good atmospheric feel to it. Few tiny details which made me jump like certain sounds, so that was a nice touch. No bugs encountered and overall a neat little game with a nice little ending. 

Glad to hear that review! Thanks for checking it out!

Fun game so far the initial jump scare got me I won't lie lol thanks for the work and hope to see more content in the future! 


Good to hear lol! Thanks for checking it out!


Good to hear lol! Thanks for checking it out!

I found this game to be scarier than I thought first going into it. I play a lot of horror games; enough to believe that I鈥檝e seen pretty much everything before, and very few scares could get me as a result. But Another Nightmare got me a couple of times, and makes use of a few techniques I haven鈥檛 seen in horror games for awhile now. Well made and certainly spooky, I suggest giving this brief spook a try. 


Glad to hear that! Thanks for checking it out!


its okay but pls another monster xD

I agree lol! Thanks for checking it out!

this page font color is too dark and can not be read, i suggest to change the font color to maybe white

Thanks for letting me know! I like the dark red and black look but yeah I was definitely concerned if those colors plus the font style itself would make it a little hard to see. Just made the red brighter so hopefully that helps

np, can you maybe rate and comment on my game, i would appreaciate it: https://mehrdadsh.itch.io/eli-was-sad

Really enjoyed this game. You gave us a good scare!

Glad to hear! Thanks for checking it out!

Just finished playing this game and still feel good about it. Loved the jumpscares, I wasn't expecting that many! It was nicely spaced out and there wasn't a time where I got bored- couldn't figure out the ending at first from how dark my screen was but other than that it was awesome!

Glad to hear that! Thanks for checking it out!

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